House 2 Lanterns

One-off houses

Client:Private Residential

Date:January 2016 (on-going)

Area:3500sqf / 280m2

This house shares the site with House 1 Lanterns yet, unusually, the design for each building is completely distinct and innovative, reflecting the site and surroundings while at the same time complementing the neighbouring property.

The site, on the outskirts of a village and bordered on two sides with native woodland, is split into two equally-sized plots at an angle to maximise privacy. It slopes steeply towards the boundary and the rear, creating interest and scope for imaginative design.

The natural topography and strict planning conditions called for thinking out of the box when designing adjoining houses which must be different yet still complement each other and respect the special character of the location. Extensive discussions with the local planning authority resulted in an agreement that the project could proceed as long as outstanding innovation and architectural merit were at the forefront of our minds.

We designed a functional split-level house on a site with a level difference of four metres from the highest to lowest point, from left to right.

As determined by the naturally sloping site, the house we created had three defined areas. In the centre sits a vaulted glazed entrance, going through to a sunken living area to the rear of the property.

The left of the property contains formal living space, garage and service areas with a large open plan kitchen and family space to the rear, linked to the sunken living area with picture windows taking advantage of natural light and the garden beyond. The kitchen and living space have clear definition due to the change in levels but also maintain the open feel our client desired.

The bedroom wing is to the right, which has the most dramatic change in levels allowing a stunning intimate and private space containing four bedrooms. The master bedroom suite is located at the lowest and furthest point of the building, with a private balcony creating a beautiful secluded sanctuary.